Committing to your PR career, one stationery order at a time


By way of introduction, at Haystac I’m part Office Manager, part PR professional and part ‘The Photocopier Is Doing That Thing Again’ fixer.

I’ve been at Haystac for over a year, and I like to think I’ve got things administration-wise pretty down-pat. I can produce an excel spreadsheet with the best of them, find the best catering in South Melbourne and (most importantly) know where the key to the Friday Night Drinks cabinet is kept.   While my decision to join the ‘stac (Haystac) as Office Manager was the best career-move I ever made, it was not motivated by a desire to improve my admin skills. Rather, my love and desire to work within the communications and PR industry drove me to find work in a PR environment.

Communications is what I do best. I think human stories and connections are valuable and I’ve always wanted to work in a profession that allowed me to tell a story. 

Someone once told me that there are no shortcuts to any place worth going (actually I read it on one of those hideously clichéd motivational posters but, like most clichés, its true).

So I balance my Office Manager role by working as a support resource to the PR kids, absorbing as much as I can from every email, media release and social media strategy I can get my hands on.  I feel lucky being surrounded by the PR pros, and even though every now and again I have a media release returned with track changes everywhere, the senior ‘stackers are more than willing to assist, teach and encourage me. 

I want my contributions to the Haystac blog to address how one balances their current situation with their dreams and aspirations, and how one can always move forward and better themselves. I believe everyone needs to earn the right to sign their emails with the title they want. 

How did you start your career? I’d love to hear your story.


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