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OMG - it seems everyone has finally woken up to Pinterest and is talking about it incessantly. I had an account a while ago but had to retire it as Pinterest is sooooo addictive. And now, sadly, I'm back on.

So what is it? Imagine your bedroom wall as a teenager and all the stickers and posters you'd put up everywhere. Now imagine you were organised enough to devote 4 walls into themes. So in my case, I'd have an entire wall devoted to palomino horses, another to ABBA, the third to Adam Ant and the last to beautiful women I wished I looked like. What? Don't judge. Pinterest allows you to create electronic poster boards around your passions and share them with others. And of course you get to look at other people's picture walls too. So me and my palomino-loving sisters can all share pictures to our heart's content.

What does this have to do with business? Well imagine if one of the ABBA posters had next to it a link to an online store where I could buy vintage Agnetha Ase Faltskog-Ulvaeus outfits (not possible because I already own them all), or one of the Pinterest people I followed was passionate about palomino horses and owned a shop that sold the perfect Kincade Crank Hanoverian bridle. I'd really trust them.

And that's the key: trust. If you're thinking of entering Pinterest as a brand, find the passionate people in your organisation to do it on your behalf. Really embrace the medium but be authentic and subtle. We don't want to scare the horses.

From Entrepreneur

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Have you thought about Pinterest for your business yet?


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